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Memory Foam Mattress: Finding The Best Nights Sleep

Memory Foam Mattress: Finding The Best Nights Sleep 1

One of the most important things you can do for your body is to get a sound night’s sleep. The health benefits that come with sleep, outway anything else you can do for your body. It is no wonder each year people spend a lot of money on ways to make their sleep better. This includes myself, I would always be in search of the right pillow, kind of a Goldilocks of pillows if you will. My wife makes fun of me for it.

Now looking for a new mattress wasn’t as hard as my pillow journey, but there were some things I had to figure out before finding the right one. Unlike the pillow, the bed will affect my partner and me. She will need to be comfortable as well. I knew that it would be hard to find the optimal bed, with all of the softness and firmness that are available. If I was going to find something plush, that could be very expensive.

I decided to research about memory foam mattresses. I was pretty impressed with what I read, so much so that I went and bought this awesome memory foam mattress off of Amazon. The ZINUS GREEN TEA MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS the best rated, with an insane number of customer reviews. My wife and I really love our mattress, especially the price. At this low price, you can get several memory foam mattresses for the same price as an entry level coil mattress.

The Zinus mattress is infused with green tea, acting as a natural antioxidant. This helps kill off some bacteria and it helps to keep the mattress feeling fresh. It is built with several layers, the base foam at the bottom, a high-density foam, and the memory foam. This gives the mattress good support but also light as well. The mattress is delivered to you compressed in a box. You open the box and the mattress will expand to its original shape. When it expanded our daughter loved the experience.

The mattress should be fully decompressed within 72 hours, but some can take up to a week. I think the week is a precaution by the seller. In our experience, the mattress is good to go within 24 hours or less. There is a debate if you should sleep on the mattress the first night before it has a chance to fully expand. In our defense, we didn’t notice that it wasn’t fully expanded, and only the corners needed a little more time. The sleep was still amazing though.

I found in my research that you want your new mattress to be memory foam and not latex based foam. Latex doesn’t allow for a proper sleeping layer, it can cut off your blood circulation, and it will provide minimal support. The memory foam contours to our bodies better as well. With that said, Latex would be considered the more hypoallergenic option and should be used if you have any allergies.

Note: Be careful which foam bed you choose. They can be made with really harsh chemicals. There are foam offerings that are considered organic.

There are many types of sleepers and different sleeping preferences. Some people struggle with snoring, or maybe pain from pressure points of a traditional spring coil mattress. One common theme for memory foam is that it is good for back pain. I personally am a side sleeper, I would often get pains from the coils and have to rotate in the night. With our awesome memory foam, I no longer find myself having to do the bedtime tussle. My wife is a stomach sleeper, she always finds herself that way, she says the memory foam helps conture her shape.

The Zinus memory foam mattress is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have referred many people to this mattress. I have heard so many people who have seen improvements in their sleep and their spouses sleep.

It is recommended to change your mattress every 7 to 10 years. I think this could be a little longer myself, I would definitely stay towards the lower end of that. I think the exact number of years depends on the mattress and how it has held up. There is also the concern about cleanliness. There are all kinds of skin cells being fed on by mites in our beds. This builds up over the years and can make you sick. I think it is always best to get rid of your mattress before this can happen. The memory foam mattress holds up pretty well, so it will be the need for a fresh one that motivates us to get a new replacement.

A common complaint about memory foam mattresses is the sensation of hot spots. This can cause you to have night time sweats. I personally do not think there is a worse sleep than sweating the whole time, the bed becomes tacky. The structure and design of the foam act as an insulator, preventing air flow. The density is the reason for the issue, the little foam pores act like individual springs on your body, but are too dense for adequate circulation. In the situation of the memory foam, there are methods to keep you cool.

Gel layer or gel beads added to the foam can provide cooling. Some memory foam manufacturers will use plant-based materials which do not hold heat as well as synthetic foams. At the end though the heat needs to be dissipated, and without airflow that is hard to achieve.

I would say that our bed does a great job with heat. I do not notice that I am hot, nor do I sweat from our memory foam mattress. It could be the fact that they put green tea in it. The freshness could be maintained by this plant infusion.


Memory Foam Mattress: Finding The Best Nights Sleep 2

Are memory foam mattresses as good as a traditional spring coil mattress? In my opinion, no. There just isn’t a reason to have the old style anymore. You have more support with foam, they are really cheap, and they last a long time. Even if they didn’t last, they are so cheap that I could buy several of them before I would spend the same as a traditional mattress.

Traditional mattresses have rows of coils attached together in an array. This, plus the top padding allows for a uniform sleeping surface. These coils are separated and do not provide full support of the body. The memory foam is a solid and porous material, called a viscoelastic material that evenly distributes the body’s weight.

There are also the sprung pocket designs where the springs are individually wrapped and closely aligned. This separation from an array allows for more optimal support. I still do not think that these ‘inner-spring’ type beds are the best way to go, especially when compared to memory foam mattresses. That is why companies are now making the pocket design with the memory foam. This new hybrid is closer to comfort that you get from a memory foam but still provides more movement.

I am not sure if that is a good thing. The movement isn’t something that either my wife or I want. She may get up to feed the baby in the middle of the night, with our memory foam, I don’t even notice the bed moving. With the coil, the bed would be creaking the whole time she got out of bed, and the mattress conforming to that movement.

My memory foam mattress has different layers. They differ in hardness from the bottom up. The top layer being the softest that provides the most comfort and support. The rigid bottoms allow for an evenly distributed surface across the bed frame.

The layer-specific wording from the Zinus Amazon page is:

3 inches Memory Foam, 2 inches Comfort Foam, 3.5 inches Airflow High-density Foam, 3.5 inches Airflow High-density Base Support Foam

I know that I already touched on cost, but it really is incredible how cheap these mattresses are. Memory foam mattresses can be purchased for every room in your home. As soon as our baby grows out of her crib we will be getting her a twin or full memory foam as her first bed. It should last her many years.

Does the thickness of the memory foam matter? I wondered this myself and found that in general the thicker you go the softer the mattress. It is stated that the thinnest of them at around 6” thick, will still provide you with a great sleep experience. I am really happy with the 12” depth of our mattress, and I would only look for a deeper one if I weighed more and needed the support.

In regards to softness and firmness of the memory foam, I would have to say it is in the middle. It isn’t overly soft where it doesn’t support my body. The firmness isn’t an issue, I do not feel sore in areas of pressure, and I am not tossing and turning all night. Now maybe you need the softest memory foam mattress, then you would want to look at the deeper or taller variants.


So I may be biased in this question and say that memory foam mattresses are for everyone. I cannot see a reason why someone wouldn’t benefit from this type of mattress. The benefits from the other bed types do not really justify their price or use, memory foam all the way.

Memory foam is for anyone who doesn’t want sore spots. They don’t want to suffer from leg cramps in the morning. If you are snorer you need to get one of these mattresses now. I also recommend anyone should get one before pregnancy, it will help so much with the extra pressure on the body. Sleeping more soundly is the main reason for getting a memory foam mattress.

If you are concerned about hypoallergenic materials then memory foam could be for you as well. You should look for one that is Certipur-US certified. This certified foam is made environmentally friendly, and without any harsh chemicals or substances, like mercury, formaldehyde, or lead. Also if you could find one with some type of plant additive, this helps with the cleansing purposes. Like the green tea from our bed, there is also bamboo or charcoal.

Maybe go with a luxury memory foam mattress. This is a whole assortment of models out now, with gels, and quilted tops. The prices still remain very reasonable too.

What about orthopedic memory foam? Orthopedic beds are traditionally not made of the same viscoelastic material as the memory foam mattresses. There are options though. They now make a mattress that is both memory foam and for orthopedics. This is done by adding a layer of the memory foam at the top to help give a little more softness.


Ok, so our current setup is with the 12” Zinus Green Tea mattress and their 14” SmartBase Deluxe Bed Frame. After buying ours we now see that AmazonBasics makes nearly the same thing and for a lower price. This might be the route to go, but I wouldn’t watch the price on that, it makes a big difference. With the height of the frame, my wife can store her winter clothes under there. A bed skirt completes it.

This frame basically has a wire slat mesh that the mattress rests on. If you get a different frame, the main idea is to have the foam sit on slats, wood ones may bend under the weight distribution though so I would stay away from that. There are also box springs for the memory foam mattresses that could work. I do not recommend that you place the foam mattress directly on the floor. We did this the first night and it wasn’t as pleasant. We thought we had a bad mattress, but the next night on the frame was magical.

You do not flip these memory foam mattresses like you do with some older more traditional types. We rotate ours twice a year in order to distribute the wear, not that we notice any.

Note: While the mattress is made of foam that doesn’t mean that it isn’t heavy. My suggestion is to put it on the frame when you open it so that it expands in place.


Memory Foam Mattress: Finding The Best Nights Sleep 3

Like all mattresses taking a little care in how you use it can make it last longer. What I mean by this is to take care of it, do not eat in bed, no drinks that could stain, or don’t allow pets on it. Since you just can’t throw the mattress into the laundry, you need to prevent stains from happening in the first place.

Can it be washed? Can it be folded, can it be flipped, Can they be washed, hand wash or machine wash. How do you clean memory foam? Clean stains, urine, or anything else manually. First, soak up the area to get any excess liquid. Then use a diluted mix of vinegar and baking soda. This will react and start to break up the stain. I also suggest using some Oxyclean if you have it.

Storing memory foam mattresses while not in use can extend their life. I would recommend that you get a mattress bag, which will help protect it. Seal the ends to make sure that nothing can get in and that it is reasonably airtight. When storing it you should try to find a place where you can lay it flat. You shouldn’t put a mattress on its side, this will cause it to form incorrectly to that shape. The mattress should be clean and dry before storing it, if you leave moisture in the bag then it can cause mold.

While water and moisture can deteriorate your foam mattress, sun damage can happen also. Do not leave the foam mattress in the sun, the sun rays will break down the particles in the foam. The sun mostly will just cause discoloration, on the foam that is exposed to the sun.


One of the more common complaints about memory foam mattresses is the smell. This is usually associated with the chemical process that they use to make the foam. Most often this smell will subside after a week or so. In this week it can be tough for some people to get a good night’s sleep as the chemical smell bothers them.

Like the chemical smell, you can also get mildew. If you drink in bed or have liquids spill on it then you can make an environment for mold growth. The foam is made of a porous material with a lot of holes. These holes can make a good home for mold growth. It is best to keep your mattress dry so that this cannot happen. If you do get mildew, the best method to get rid of it would probably be to clean with vinegar.

The chemicals given off as a gas, known as off-gassing, can usually be increased with your body warmth. Some people may get sick from the toxins, but most memory foam mattresses available today do not have anything harmful to us. That doesn’t mean the smell isn’t annoying.

These chemicals can cause more irritation than just respiratory. The other concerns would be an itching reaction from the composition of the foam material.

With hotspot concerns, the main thing that helps with our bed is having good quality cooling bed sheets. These sheets will do a good job of keeping you cool by wicking away the moisture and allowing proper air flow.

Check out this video from The Sleep Sherpa on YouTube, this video gives you an idea of the really fun unboxing process. It also explains what the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam matteress is all about. You can see in the video that he does what I suggest by opening the mattress while already on your bed frame. This makes the expansion process so much easier.


I recommend looking for a mattress that isn’t produced with harsh chemicals. You can look for hypoallergenic ones to take that to the next level. You will not be bothered by any smells that way.

A memory foam mattress could help with curing all of your sleep issues. If you have pain such as back pain, neck pain, or cramping, then the memory foam support could be what you need. Like I said previously I feel that the memory foam mattress is the best option for everyone needing a new bed. There is no downsides and so many benefits.

Remember to keep your mattress clean so that you do not have issues. Keeping your mattress dry is probably the most important thing you can do to maintain its longevity.

Go find get your best night’s sleep, get the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress and enjoy your rest.

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